Queensland - Video Clip 2009
'Queensland' - from 'The Difficult Third Compilation'

From the Palm d'Cove award winning, Coathanger Video Laboratories (CVL) , the official clip of 'Queensland' - the new Ross Ryan single recorded especially for the 'D3C' album.

Executive Producer, Floor Manager, Catering & Sound: Tina Ryan
Cameras: Brenden Mason, Hillary Mason, Rob Draper
Continuity: Connie Person
Band: Roy Zedras, Ken Stephenson, Cathy Middleton, Peter 'Robbo' Robinson, Helen & Jo-Kelly Stephenson.
Also starring: 'Dirty' Mick Hanna, Jess Ball, Nigel Buckley, Lisa Robinson.
Party Animals: Paul Ryan, Bronwyn Power, Morgan Sparrow, Jessica Graham, Jamie McClucky, Sarah Kutrolli, Louise Rutherford, Jedi.

Special thanks to Jim Rea & Helen Wagner for the use of their tropical backyard.

Thanks to all!!

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